About NNN Capital

NNN Capital Founder Mark Thompson speaking at CoStar (NASDAQ: CSGP) annual company retreat.

NNN Capital Founder Mark Thompson speaking at CoStar Group (NASDAQ: CSGP) annual company retreat.

NNN Capital is the parent company to four internet based platforms and in a sense a hybrid model in commercial real estate service business.  At our core, we are a technology company that provides market data and analytics to commercial real estate landlords through subscription services.  We are also teaching first time buyers of commercial real estate how to invest through our online NNN Academy.  Transaction services may be provided on a case by case basis.

The NNN Capital thesis is simple: If technology demonstrates anything, it’s that doing the right thing for too long is actually the wrong thing.  The modern era of commercial real estate has arrived and the ground is shifting beneath a multi-billion dollar industry.  In December 2020, 112 year-old SteinMart was purchased by an Instagram Influencer with $6 million of other people’s money.  By the end of 2020, the commercial real estate industry’s leading tech provider had a larger market cap than CBRE, JLL, Cushman and Marcus & Millichap combined.  Read that last sentence again and explain to me why the world needs yet another real estate broker doing the same thing as everyone else?

Whether you’re a landlord looking for new innovative ways to buy or sell or an agent looking for a company that is obsessed with coaching and developing its people, NNN Capital and its subsidiaries is worth your attention.  We are about innovation in all facets of the game and if that excites you, give us a call.  I’d enjoy speaking with you.


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    Launched in Jan of 2018, GroceryAnchored.com is the flagship domain for NNN Capital and serves grocery-anchored shopping center owners across the US. A subscription based service; the website boasts membership ranging from Mom & Pop owners to REITs & Institutions.

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    Launching in 2021, NNN.com will change the way triple-net lease assets are bought and sold across the country.

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    Launched in March of 2020, STNL.com is a traditional brokerage platform offering investment sale services to single-tenant net-lease owners & developers throughout the Southeast United States using proprietary software technologies and database systems. To learn more visit STNL.com.

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    Launching in 2021, NNN Academy (nnnacademy.com) will teach first time investors and brokers the in’s and out’s of how to invest in triple-net lease real estate assets.